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A collection of articles, resource lists and other media that mention and/or include @ohshint_!
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This is a collection of articles, interviews, resource lists and other media where this blog has been mentioned in and/or involves yours truly (@ohshint_). If you have anything else that should be listed here, or would like to reach out to me. Feel free to contact me!
I am truly humbled that so many people have reached out and tell me that they really enjoy my work! Enough to even mention this blog in their own content and recommend it to others.
Thank you all! <3
Yes, we certainly will.



Episode Details:
"Spend enough time in almost any OSINT community and you'll notice that some people just keep dropping resource after resource for the community. Ever wonder where those resources come from or who these people are? Today we get to talk to OhShINT_ about their professional background as a private investigator, OSINT resources and how NOT to use OSINT".



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It's okay though, as this was literally the first thing that I typed when I started writing this blog:
"Feel free to save, download, archive, copy, share, edit, re-post and re-upload any content that can be found on this web site. You do not have to give me credit, but that would be obviously preferred if you did! Also, I would prefer that people do not just take this content and claim it as their own. Although I'm sure that will happen eventually because that's how the internet works, not that big of a deal either way. Sharing is caring!"