Weapons and Equipment Identification

A collection of online resources and tools to assist with the identification and tracking of firearms, explosives, vehicles, and other military equipment.

Firearms and Ammunition

  • ​Armalytics Here is a database of almost every firearm ever made. It's a digital version of the Canadian RCMP Firearms Reference Table (FRT). You can download the full FRT in .pdf format from here, which is constantly being updated. An archived copy created on 12/9/2022 can be found here (Wayback).
  • ​Modern Firearms Encyclopedia of firearms and ammunition from the 20th and 21st centuries.
  • ​The Weapons ID Database This database was developed with the support of the Royal Armouries UK, and features downloadable weapons ID sheets which detail the visual information required to accurately identify and record particular types of weapons.
  • ​Milsurp Knowledge Library A forum for military surplus firearm collectors. Contains lots of images, descriptions, markings, stamps and plenty of other information. Organized by county of origin or weapon type.
  • ​FirearmsGuide The largest guns and ammunition reference guide. See the current value of used firearms, find gun manuals, schematics, blueprints and more.
  • ​Municion A searchable database of various firearm ammunition. Provides images, measurements, descriptions and related documentation. The site is written in Spanish, so use a translation service if you don't speak Spanish.
  • ​Forgotten Weapons Ran by YouTuber Ian McCollum. Offers videos and articles with extremely in-depth history, reviews, complete disassembly and reassembly of hundreds of different firearms.
  • ​Internet Movie Firearms Database An online database of firearms used or featured in films, television shows, video games, and anime.
  • ​Cartrology This cartridge collection consists of military rifle, heavy machine gun, and small to medium caliber cannon ammunition. The primary focus is on ammunition up to 35mm caliber made during WWII or later, although some specimens do fall outside of these general guidelines.
  • ​Small Arms Review Archive A large collection of scanned firearm manuals, reviews, parts lists and more.
  • ​Military-Today A large database of military weapons and equipment.


  • ​BulletPicker A great resource that lists information regarding ordnance, explosives, rockets, mines and other related items. Organized by type and country of origin. They also offer an offline version, which is really nice.
  • ​Ordnance Info A database that displays type, country of origin, manufacturer, dimensions, images and other information about both lethal and non-lethal grenades.
  • ​CAT-UXO An Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) community that collates information and awareness on explosives currently distributed throughout the world.
  • ​Missiles of the World Information on strike capabilities from around the globe. Includes ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, rockets, artillery, and mortars (RAM), and even maneuvering hypersonic boost glide delivery systems. Organized by country, this represents a growing collection of information on global missile systems, with illustrations and up-to-date information on their capabilities and history.
  • ​RiotID This project consists of a series of guides to understanding different non-lethal riot control weapons and their effects, as well as guides on documenting evidence on use of force violations.
  • ​CORData The Collaborative Ordnance data repository (CORD) enables web-based search of landmine and other explosive ordnance (EO) data to assist humanitarian demining and ordnance disposal operations. Requires you to create an account.
  • ​Wikipedia - List of Landmines (WikiLess) Wikipedia's list of landmines used worldwide.
  • ​JMU CISR Munitions Reference Guide A list large list of landmines that includes lots of details. Does not contain images of mines.
  • ​Nuclear Weapon Archive An archive and guide to nuclear weapons, facilities and testing sites.
  • ​[PDF] GICHD Ukraine Explosive Ordnance Guide The guide will help with the identification and disposal of mines and other explosive devices in Ukraine. Archived here (Wayback) and here (Library Genesis).


Personnel Identification

  • ​Camopedia A comprehensive, accurate, and academically-supported database referencing all of the major military and paramilitary camouflage patterns that have been in use around the world since the beginning of the 20th century.
  • ​CamouflageIndex An index of the different types of camouflage used by militaries around the world.
  • ​Uniform Insignia International Encyclopedia of uniforms and insignia from around the world. Find illustrations, rank insignia, badges and functional labels.
  • ​AllBadges The worlds largest database of military badges and medals.

International Arms Trade

  • ​DSCA Major International Arms Sales A catalogue of international weapon sales and arms deals.
  • ​SIPRI Arms Transfers Contains information on all transfers of major conventional weapons from 1950 to now. It is a unique resource for researchers, policy-makers and analysts, the media and civil society interested in monitoring and measuring the international flow of major conventional arms.
  • ​ConflictArm Publications Supplies unique evidence on weapon supplies into armed conflicts in order to inform and support effective weapon management and control. Offers field guides, identification guides and more.
  • ​SIPRI International Arms Embargoes This archive contains information on all multilateral arms embargoes that have been implemented by an international organization, such as the EU or UN, or by a group of nations. It includes both legally binding embargoes and those that are solely political commitments.
  • ​Mapping Arms Data MAD features over 35,000 records of the exports and imports of small arms and ammunition from more than 262 states and territories between 1992 and 2014.
  • ​Arms Trade Statistics International arms export licenses and statistics.
  • ​ArmsGlobe This visualization includes over 1 million individual import and export data points from annual custom reports and maps the transfer of small arms, light weapons and other munitions.
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