Deep Webs and Darknets
A collection of online resources and tools to assist with investigations involving decentralized networks such as TOR, I2P and FreeNet.
  • General Darknet Search
    • ​Haystack Search engine service to discover hidden services and gain access to onion sites or eepsites in the I2P network.
    • ​DarkOwl A great tool for searching through different darknets including TOR, I2P, ZeroNet and paste sites. Requires a paid subscription.
  • The Onion Router (TOR)
    • TOR Networking Tools
      • ​TOR Exit Nodes Contains a full list of TOR exit nodes that are currently active as reported by the Tor Project.
      • ​ExoneraTor Enter an IP address and date to find out whether that address was used as a Tor relay.
      • ​TorWHOIS Look up an .onion address and see basic information such as date last seen, open ports, running software and banners. You can also query specific onions from the command line: whois -h facebookcorewwwi.onion
      • ​Ahmia Link Graph Enter a name of any .onion domain zone and see what other sites in the zone it's associated with.
      • ​TOR Map A worldwide map of TOR exit nodes.
    • TOR Search Engines and Directories
      • ​Ahmia Searches for hidden services on the Tor network.
      • ​OnionLand Search Engine A search engine for the deep web. Official onion site can be found here.
      • ​Dargle A data aggregation platform for dark web domains. Using this directory, we can generate a portfolio of domains and their statuses, gain insight into the content and nature of these services, as well as the connections between them.
      • ​OSINT Party Fresh Onion RSS An amazing RSS feed of fresh and newly discovered .onion sites. Be careful, this feed remains uncensored, so you may encounter illegal content.
      • ​HiddenWiki A large and neatly organized directory of .onion sites. You can visit this site without TOR here (CLEARNET PROXY).
      • ​Hidden Services Today Place with fresh links to TOR services hidden that is free of spam and scam sites. Only trusted and safe links are provided.
      • ​Hunchly Daily Dark Web Report Identify new hidden services, or find investigation targets that you might not have otherwise known about. It is 100% free and every day you will receive a link to a spreadsheet you can download or view online. Requires you to provide an email address to join their mailing list.
      • ​TOR66 An onion site that lists newly discovered onion sites that have been submitted from a variety of different clearnet platforms.
      • ​H-Indexer Another onion site that offers a list of fresh onions. Beware, results are often uncensored, so you may encounter illegal material.
      • ​DarkSearch A search engine for TOR onion sites. Claims to index thousands of onions. Offers the ability to use advanced search operators, and they also provide a free API. Appears to be a bit outdated though. Has removed all public access.
      • ​Kilos Specific market & vendor sale of goods engine. Currently indexing over 876,601 forum posts, 106,558 listings, 6,313 vendors, and 1,443,739 reviews from 12 markets and 5 forums.
      • ​IACA Darkweb Tools A collection of darkweb search tools. Allows you to query .onion search engines, marketplaces and social media sites.
      • ​TOR Taxi A catalog and directory of the most popular onion sites.
    • Miscellaneous Resources
      • ​Darknet Market Buyers Bible The buyer’s DNM bible aims to be a complete guide that covers all steps that users have to take in order to buy securely from darknet markets. It orientates itself on OPSEC best practices and, if exactly followed, will greatly minimize the risk of you getting caught. They also offer an offline version of this guide, available here (CLEARNET PROXY) and here (Wayback).
      • ​Dropgangs - The Future of Darknet Markets An excellent article from 2018 about the evolution and the future of darknet market places. Available as a PDF. Archived here (Wayback) and here (
      • ​DarkFeed RansomWiki A site for researchers that keeps track and provides links to various ransomware group darknet sites.
      • ​Ransomware Group Sites An onion site that provides links and details about ransomware groups currently operating. Clearnet proxy provided here (CLEARNET PROXY).
      • ​NullTrace An onion site that offers an easy to use PGP toolkit. Allows a user to create PGP keypairs, sign, verify, encrypt and decrypt.
      • ​Njalla A privacy focused domain service that acts as a "middle man" between the domain name registration service and you, acting as a privacy shield.
      • ​CafeDread A read-only archive of the Dread forum. Read the latest posts and comments. Also supports reading via Atom feeds.
  • Invisible Internet Project (I2P)
    • ​I2P Search A I2P search engine. I2P gateway is used for the search results to access I2P hidden services, known as "eepsites".
    • ​Ahmia I2P Search Another great I2P search engine.
    • ​Nekhbet I2P Links A neatly organized directory of eepsites.
  • FreeNet
  • eMule
    • ​Online eMule Client A simple online eMule search engine. However, it sometimes does not work for whatever reason.
    • ​eMule Safe Server List Specializes in providing IP filters, nodes.dat and server lists for eMule.
  • ZeroNet
    • ​Whonix ZeroNet Wiki Excellent guide on how to securely setup ZeroNet. Also provides a decent list of common ZeroNet sites.
  • Interplanetary File System (IPFS)
    • ​IPSE An IPFS search engine.
    • ​IPFS Search Another search engine for IPFS.
    • ​IPFS Datasets A huge collection of all sorts of different data sets hosted via IPFS.
  • FidoNet
    • ​FidoNet Nodes A large list of FidoNet nodes. Searchable by node address or sysop name.
  • Usenet
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