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Email Addresses

A collection of online resources and tools to help you identify information from email addresses.

General Email Tools

  • Epieos Email Tool Enter an email address and see which sites the email address has been used. This is a web frontend of the holehe tool.
  • Email Header Analyzer Simple tool that analyzes email headers and making them human-readable.
  • Free Email Scraper Easily find email addresses by entering a website URL. This tool will scrape the page for any email addresses and display any results.
  • HaveIBeenEmotet Check if an email address or domain is involved in the Emotet malspam campaign.
  • Email-Format Helps find the email address formats in use for thousands of different companies.
  • Lets you find professional email addresses in seconds. Very useful tool. For best results, a paid subscription is required.
  • Snov Email Finder Locate employee email addresses via domain name. Very handy.
  • WhoWorksThere Search for a company and provides email address, names and more. Paid subscription is required.
  • A tool from IntelX that lists all domains, email addresses, or URLs for the given input domain. Wildcards such as * are allowed. Search over 34 billion records.
  • Have I Been Sold? A service that checks for email address that are included in marketing and spamming databases.
  • IntelX Email Search A great email search engine offered by IntelX.
  • PeepMail A tool that allows you to discover business email addresses for users, even if their email address may not be publicly available or shared.
  • Locate information and linked accounts by searching an email address, phone number or Twitter handle. Requires registration.
  • User Email Enrichment A free, open source identity resolution alternative to tools like FullContact and Clearbit. Requires registration.
  • FindEmails A sales and lead generation tool that helps discover a target's email address. Requires registration.
  • Experte Email Finder A free email finder tool. Enter a full name and domain and get a list of possible email addresses.
  • Defastra A fraud prevention service that provides information on email addresses and phone numbers. Requires a paid subscription for full results.
  • Predicta Search Look up an email address or phone number to retrieve detailed profiles associated with the respective email address or phone number's usage.
  • HaveIBeenPwned Lets you search for an email address or phone number. Will tell you what breaches include what you have searched.
  • BreachDirectory Search via email address, username or phone number to see censored passwords. They also provide the full password as a SHA-1 hash, which can easily be cracked.
  • DeHashed Is the largest & fastest data breach search engine. You can search for IP address, email, username, name, phone, address and more. Requires a paid subscription.
  • IntelX Allows you to search through breach data for email address and more. Requires a paid subscription to view full results.
  • MyPWD A tool for monitoring leaked passwords for accounts linked to emails. Actually shows you the leaked passwords.
  • Leaked Site Another leaked database search. Requires a paid subscription.
  • WeLeakInfo Provides you the best leaked breached databases downloads. Requires a paid subscription.
  • LeakPeek An all-in-one online data protection platform. Search for your publicly leaked passwords using an email or username. Shows you censored results. Requires a paid subscription to view uncensored results.
  • LeakedSource Search for leaked data by email address, name, username, phone number, IP address or password. Requires a paid subscription.
  • LeakCheck Check your account for leaks. Requires a paid subscription for best results.
  • HotSheet Use this free service to check if an email address is in any hacked data from known breaches. Get a summary of what specific information may be at risk. Essentially a clone of HaveIBeenPwned.
  • Leak-Lookup Allows you to search across thousands of data breaches to stay on top of credentials that may have been compromised. Requires a paid subscription.
  • Am I Breached Lets you search for name, email, IP, phone number, username, credit card numbers, VIN and more. Requires a paid subscription.
  • ScatteredSecrets Allows you to search data breaches to see if your password has been compromised. Requires a paid subscription.
  • SkidSearch Breached account lookup service. Requires registration.
  • SnusBase Snusbase makes it easy to stay on top of the latest database breaches and makes sure you and your closest stay safe online. Requires a paid subscription.
  • Personal Data Leak Checker Find out if your email or phone number and related personal information could get into the wrong hands.
  • Data Breach Checker Use this tool to check if your email address has been compromised in any known data breaches.
  • Ashley Madison Search Check to see if an email address was included in the Ashley Madison breach.
  • PwnDB Onion An .onion site that allows you to search an email address and provides you with free, uncensored results. You can visit this site without TOR here (CLEARNET PROXY).
  • Leaked.Domains Contains a large number of breached datasets to perform passive intelligence gathering on domains. Allows you to search a domain name and see how many times the domain has been included in breached data. Requires registration with a company email to access full reports for that specific domain.
  • DeepSearch Onion An .onion site that lets you search through leaked databases. Requires an account.
  • CheckLeaked Discover leaks, know the passwords and information that hackers already have about you. Requires a paid subscription.
  • A RaidForums alternative ran by the prolific pompompurin.
  • BreachChecker Enter an email address and see what data breaches it has been included in. Does not provide any leaked data, only a list of breaches similar to HIBP.
  • HackCheck Another good site to search through data breaches. Requires a paid subscription.
  • ProxyNova COMB Search Allows you to search via email address, username or password through the "Compilation of Many Breaches [COMB]" (Wayback), ( breach data. Provides uncensored results.
  • Illicit Services A searchable database of leaked and breached information. All information is in the public domain and has been compiled into one search engine.

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